Boogeyman II is a 1983 horror film directed by Ulli Lommel and is a sequel to the 1980 film The Boogeyman (1980). Like its predecessor, it was banned in the UK as a "video nasty" during the 1980s under the title Revenge of the Bogey Man.


After a recap of the first movie (which comprises around 40 minutes of the 79 minute film), supposedly based on true events, film makers attempt to try to recreate what occurred. After a piece of broken glass appears from the first film, killings begin again.


  • Suzanna Love as Lacey
  • Shannah Hall as Bonnie
  • Sholto von Douglas as Joseph
  • Ulli Lommel as Mickey
  • Bob Rosenfarb as Bernie
  • Rhonda Aldrich as Cynthia
  • John Carradine is listed in the opening credits but only appears in flashback footage.

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